Our school based managed program can provide an invaluable service to a lot of children who would not otherwise have access to health care. When put in place it will bring about relief to parents concerning safety of their childen during school sessions.

School children are very active and therefore prone to accidents. In the process, they come in contact with bacteria which causes diseases and these are easily transmitted from child to child. These diseases could hinder the child's physical, social, mental and emotional developpment. Whilst we can do very little to prevent children from playing, we can do a lot to put necessary structures in place to ensure that they have access to adequate healthcare services whenever they fall ill.

Manager care is a type of insurance whereby the insurer (Healthcare International) pays the medical costs of the insured when the insured becomes sick due to causes that are covered on the scheme or due to accidents.

Its a cost spreading mechanism which distributes the risk of illness and the cist of health care among a group of people. This means that each individual pays predetermined premium so that when registered contributors need health care, they obtain it.