In Nigeria, about 70% of the population form the Informal Sector and majority of this group live in the rural/urban communities and do not have access to modern health care services.

A closer look at the health indicators along rural-urban lines reveals that the situation of healthcare in Nigeria is disproportionately worse amongst the poor.

Our Community Health Scheme is a form of Health Insurance that provides basic/advanced Health services to people by designated private and public hospitals and cliinics within the targeted communities. The scheme is developed as a response to the growing Health needs of people who are entitled to to good quality and affordable medical services but are presently not covered under the Health Insuance scheme.

Community Health Insurance is a way to address the health needs  of the poor and informal sector by enjoying a highly bubsidized scheme.

We believe that, community Health Insurance provides opportunities for the People of the community whereby Philanthropists, the Government, NGOs, Towns unions, social organizations and Religious Groups pay a big chunk of the required premiums while the beneficiaries put in minimal contributions to allow for efficiency and continuity of the scheme.