Plan Period: One year from commencement date, renewable yearly

Eligibility: 0 – 65 years of age.

Exclusions: The following conditions are not covered under the scheme:

a.    Medical services not included in selected plan.

b.    Pre-existing conditions: any medical condition that existed prior to commencement date,

       such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma etc

c.    Alternative medical treatment, nutritional supplements

d.    Cosmetic treatments/Surgeries

e.    Obesity, infertility, impotence, prosthesis, artificial limbs

f.     Tumor (benign & malignant)

g.    Chronic conditions.

h.    Renal dialysis

i.     Major surgeries to head, spinal cord as well as organ transplants.

j.     Treatment for chronic psychiatric conditions.

k.    Tuberculosis/Hepatitis Treatment.

l.     Injuries resulting from Suicide attempts.

m.   Injuries resulting from Domestic Violence