From a new venture a couple of years back, managed care business is fast becoming a thriving enterprise in Nigeria with many groups venturing into this sub-sector. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) the instrument required to run managed care have been springing up in what may be called geometric rate in Nigeria. This occurrence is fast flooding the country with several HMOs that are technically flawed and ill-prepared to deliver quality service to many enrollees under the healthcare scheme.

To curb this trend which is obviously threatening the efficiency and credibility of managed care in the country, the regulatory body established by the government, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) had to wield the big stick.

The NHIS periodically conducts a recapitalization exercise aimed at vetting the viability status of the HMOs in the country. Recently, a recapitalization exercise took place leading to the certification and reaccreditation of qualified HMOs and invariably, the deregistration of other HMOs that fell short of the stipulated standard.

The good news is that, our Company has always passed the litmus test thereby always getting reaccredited by the NHIS at the conclusion of its periodic recapitalization exercise. The fact that Healthcare International always emerges amongst the top HMOs reaccredited is another reason why we are the HMO of choice.